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BIX® Ledger

One World. One Community. One Ledger.


Blockchain Identities with Privacy and Anonymity.

Blockchain Certificates with Cryptographic Keys.

Secure Application Objects and Chains.

Reliable Public Personal and Business Records.


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BIX® Ledger

Secure Ledger Identities and Chains.


Identities for Users, Businesses and Institutions.

Privacy and Anonymity of Users.

Personal Identities Ledger Chains.

Global Ledger Identities Management Infrastructure.


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BIX® Ledger

Cryptographic Ledger Certificates and Chains.


Cryptographic Certificates with Public Keys.

User and Server Certificates Ledger Chains.

Security Services based on Public-Key Cryptography.

Global Ledger Certificates Management Infrastructure.


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BIX® Ledger

Protected Application Records and Chains.


Reliable, Verifiable, and Immutable Public Records.

Protected Personal and Business Records.

Secure Records with Authorized Sharing.

Complex Chains of Immutable Application Records.


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